René Riewer


René started taking keyboard lessons at the
age of 10 and bass lessons when he was 15.

He soon founded his first band and started writing own songs. Though this band doesn't exist anymore, he's constantly working on new material and also learned how to play guitar and drums. He gained his first stage experiences when he occasionally filled in for his bass teacher at the band Crossing.

When he was 16 he went to the United States as an exchange student for a year where he graduated at the highschool of Rock Rapids/ Iowa and was also awarded for participating in the school's band and choir.  When he came back to Germany he founded the experimental punk/funk band Gemmatreo in which he sang and played the bass, with two of his friends.

He later became the bassist of the coverband Down Under and joined the hip hop band BxDxF from Cologne at the age of 19.

He joined VAMPIRE at the beginning of 2008 after Criss left the band to finish his studies.

Everyone who's interested in his own songs, should visit www. myspace. com/reneriewer.

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