The Band

When the shadows of the night cover the land in darkness, six mysterious creatures get ready to charm the people with their breath-taking show...

Since the year 2000, VAMPIRE have been wandering through the land and the number of their followers grows bigger with every concert.

Their one of a kind show is a mixture of music, spectacular pyro effects, mystery and above all a whole lot of fun.

VAMPIRE have enchanted over half a million visitors in Germany and neighbouring countries with their uncompareable show so far and also have fans in countries as far away as Australia and the United States.

They have supported well-known German and international Acts such as Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Fury in the Slaughterhouse.


Up to date VAMPIRE have released 9 records and have been featured on three samplers with their own songs.

Apart from their own compositions they have a vast repertoire of current chart hits as well as rock and pop classics, of which a small section can be viewed at SONGS.

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